Dr Md Zakir Hossain Assistant Professor / BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES

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Address : Department of Biological Sciences Aliah University, 8th Floor New Town, Kolkata- 700160

Joined : 28/11/2017

Prior to joining Aliah University, I was associated with West Bengal Education Services as an Assistant Professor of Zoology and served Darjeeling Govt College, Darjeeling and SBS Govt College, Hili.

I believe in both imparting quality education along with preparing a student for job or research based on their interest and need. Along with teaching, I am also working with my colleagues in developing this department from a scratch into a top class institute for learning and research in the field of Biological Sciences.

I did my PhD from CSIR-CDRI & JNU with work based on animal modelling, Diabetes and its hormonal regulation. Currently my research interest is varied depending upon resources available and interest of the research scholar. Along with Diabetes, I am working on Human physiology- biochemistry, endocrinology and associated diseases. Beside this I am also interested in animal diversity, ecology, toxicology, population genetics and biochemistry with collaborations and help from different experts.


Ph.D (2012-2017)

CSIR-CDRI, Lucknow and JNU, New Delhiunder the supervision of Dr. JR Gayen. Thesis entitled “Development and elucidation of mechanism of action of Pancreastatin inhibitor(s) to control Diabetes”.

B.Ed. (2010-2011)

Govt College of Teachers Education, Banipur, N/24/Parganas, West Bengal

M. Sc. Zoology (2007-2009)

PG Dept of Zoology, Tilka Manjhi University, Bhagalpur, Bihar

B. Sc. Zoology (2004-2007)

Bhagalpur National College, Tilka Manjhi University, Bhagalpur, Bihar


The Saint Xaviers School, Malda (Class XII)

Emmanuel English School, Samsi, Malda (Class X)

Teaching Experience

Assistant Professor in Dept of Biological Sciences

Aliah University, New Town, Kolkata-700160 (Nov, 2017 onwards)

Assistant Professor & HOD  in Dept of Zoology, SBS Govt College

Hili, D/Dinajpur-733126 (July, 2016 to Nov, 2017)

Assistant Professor in Dept of Zoology, Darjeeling Govt College

Darjeeling-734101 (April. 2015 to July, 2016)

Research Scholar at Pharmacokinetics & Metabolism Division

CSIR-CDRI, Lucknow-226031 (Jan, 2012 to April, 2015)

PGT in Biology, Raja Bijoy Singh Vidyamandir

Jiaganj, WB-742113 (Sep, 2011 to Jan, 2012)

Field of Specialization

MSc Speialization- Zoology (Cytogenetics)

PhD- Area of work : Diabetes and Endocrinology

Courses Taught/Teaching

Zoology- Animal Diversity, Ecology, Economic Zoology

Endocrinology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Biostatistics


Research Area

Diabetes and Physiology (Endocrinology, Biochemistry and Disease Biology)

Ecology, Toxicology, Population genetics and Animal diversity

Conference Papers Published

1. Presented a paper entitled “Exercise with diabetic medication improves glucose homeostasis better than the drugs alone in STZ induced diabetic rats” at International Conference of Faunal diversity & Management held in Lucknow University, Lucknow, 2014

2. Presented a paper entitled “Proper and sound sleep may be the best beauty treatment” at a national seminar on recent trends in life sciences organised by Raiganj University, Raiganj, 2017

3. Presented a paper entitled “Deleterious effect of oxidative stress can be counteracted by exogenous antioxidants and contribute to diabetes regulation” at International Symposium on Chemistry for Human Welfare, organised by University of Gour Banga, Malda, 2017

Journal Papers Published

1. Chakraborty J, Hossain Z, Tripathi A, Ghosh W, and Samanta TB. Taxonomical characterization of a penicillin amidase producing novel strain of Achromobacter xylosoxidans: Proposal of A. xylosoxidans subsp. indiges subsp. Developmental Microbiology and Molecular Biology 3-1: 55-65, 2012

2. Valicherla GR, Hossain Z, Mahata SK, and Gayen JR. Pancreastatin is an endogenous peptide that regulates glucose homeostasis. Physiological genomics 45: 1060-1071, 2013.

3. Singh AK, Joharapurkar AA, Khan MP, Mishra JS, Singh N, Yadav M, Hossain Z, Khan K, Kumar S, and Dhanesha NA, Mishra DP, Maurya RK, Sharma S, Jain MR, Trivedi AK, Godbole MM, Gayen JR, Chattopadhyay N, Sanyal S. Orally Active Osteoanabolic Agent GTDF Binds to Adiponectin Receptors, With a Preference for AdipoR1, Induces Adiponectin-Associated Signaling, and Improves Metabolic Health in a Rodent Model of Diabetes. Diabetes 63: 3530-3544, 2014.

4. Goel A, Umar S, Nag P, Sharma A, Kumar L, Hossain Z, Gayen JR, and Nazir A. A dual colorimetric-ratiometric fluorescent probe NAP-3 for selective detection and imaging of endogenous labile iron (III) pools in C. elegans. Chemical Communications 51: 5001-5004, 2015.

5. Yadav NK, Saini KS, Hossain Z, Omer A, Sharma C, Gayen JR, Singh P, Arya K, and Singh R. Saraca indica Bark Extract Shows In Vitro Antioxidant, Antibreast Cancer Activity and Does Not Exhibit Toxicological Effects. Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity 2015: 2015.

6. Arya RK, Singh A, Yadav NK, Cheruvu SH, Hossain Z, Meena S, Maheshwari S, Singh AK, Shahab U, and Sharma C, Singh K, Narender T, Mitra K, Arya KR, Singh RK, Gayen JR, Datta D. Anti-breast tumor activity of Eclipta extract in-vitro and in-vivo: novel evidence of endoplasmic reticulum specific localization of Hsp60 during apoptosis. Scientific reports 5: 2015.

7. Pal S, Khan K, China SS, Mittal M, Porwal K, Srivastav R,Taneja I, Hossain Z, Mandalapu D, Gayn JR, Wahajuddin M, Sharma VL, Trivedi AK, Sanyal S, Bhadauria S, Godbole MM, Gupta SK, Chattopadhyay N. Theophylline, a methylxanthine drug induces osteopenia and alters calciotropic hormones, and prophylactic vitamin D treatment protects against these changes in rats. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 2015

8. Rajan S, Shankar K, Beg M, Varshney S, Gupta A, Srivastava A, Kumar D, Mishra RK, Hossain Z, Gayen JR, Gaikwad AN. Chronic hyperinsulinemia reduces insulin sensitivity and metabolic functions of brown adipocytes. Journal of Endocrinology 2016

9. Hossain Z, Valicherla GR , Gupta AP, Ahmed SA, Mohammed R, Gayen JR. Development of a novel pancreastatin inhibitor PSTv8 which control diabetes by increased activation of AKT-FoxO1-Srebp1c pathway in diabetic mice models- Online, Scientific Reports 2018

10. Hossain Z, Mishra A, Valicherla GR, Singh A, Bora HK,  Gayen JR Exercise with medication improves glucose homeostasis better than the medication alone in rats with streptozotocin-induced diabetes- Under communication 2018

11. Singh S, Valicherla GR, Joshi P, Sudhir S, Anees S, Gupta A, Hossain Z, Italiya K, Makadia V, Singh SK, Wahajuddin M, Gayen JR. Determination of Permeability, Pasma Protein Binding, Blood Partitioning, Pharmacokinetics and Tissue Distribution of Withanolide A in rats: A Neuroprotective Steroidal Lactone. Drug Development Research 2018


1) Best Poster Presentation Award in Health Science group in International Conference Faunal diversity & Management held in Lucknow University, Lucknow, 2014

2) Incentive Award for best research & publication from CSIR-CDRI, Lucknow, 2014

3) Qualified CSIR-UGC NET JRF (2010, 2011), GATE (2010)


Patents Filed

1. Synthesised peptides acting as possible pancreastatin inhibitors and able to control diabetes by Gayen JR, Valicherla GR, Hossain Z, Gupta AP, Ahmed SA, Mohammed R, Siddiqi MI, Chandra S, filing number BD-IPU/PAT/01/2016 dated 08/01/2016

2. Substituted Naptho(2,1-b)(1,10)phenanthronile-based fluorescent dyes and application thereof by Goel A, Umar S, Nag P, Nazir A, Kumar L, Shamsuzzama, Gayen JR, Hossain Z filing number DSTM/PAT/07/2014 dated 20/03/2014


  1. Organized an Invited lecture on Growing clutches of Cancer and means to prevent it at SBS Govt College, Hili on 28/08/2017

Membership Of Learned Societies

1. Life time member of Laboratory Animal Science Association of India (LASAI)

Orientation/Refresher/QIP CourseAttended/Organized

1. Attended UGC sponsored State Level Seminar on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Based Education on 5th May, 2011 held at GCTE, Banipur.

2. Participated in Scientific and Technical Awareness Programme on Animal Experimentation held at Division of Laboratory Animals, CDRI, Lucknow from March 26-30, 2012.

3. Attended 5th International Symposium on Drug Development for Orphan/Neglected Diseases at CSIR-CDRI, Lucknow from 26-28th February, 2013.

4. Attended Workshop on North Bengal University Zoology Practical (Part-II) Syllabus formulationa and practice, held at Nort Bengal St. Xaviers College, Jalpaiguri on 10th October, 2015.

5. Participated in Hands on Training Workshop on Microbial Tools and Techniques from March 3-7, 2017; organized by Dept of Zoology, University of Gour Banga, Malda.

6. Attended Academic Leadership Programme from April 16-19, 2018; organized by CALEM and Aligarh Muslim University Murshidabad Centre at Jangipir Campus.

Consultancy work / Testing

Founding member of The Foot Print’s Organization- A social body for upliftment and empowerment of people via education in Malda, WB

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