Dr Sk Md Abu Imam Saadi Assistant Professor / BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES

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Address : Address: IIA/27 Newtown, Aliah University, West Bengal, India

Phone : +91-7001850851

Room No : Faculty Room, 8th Floor Left Block

Joined : 12/09/19


Philosophy of Doctorate (PhD) 2011-2016

"Study of Ultrastructure Diversity of Idioblast and Calcium oxalate crystals of Some Member of Araceae in West Bengal: A Systematic Approach"

Department of Botany and Forestry, Vidyasagar University, WB, India

Master of Science (MSc) 2007-2009

Department of Botany and Forestry, Vidyasagar University, WB, India

Bachelor of Science (BSc) 2004-2007

Midnapore College (Autonomous), Vidyasagar University, WB, India

Qualified CSIR-UGC NET -2017

Field of Specialization

Plant Taxonomy and Molecular Systematics

Courses Taught/Teaching

  • Plant Systematics
  • Plant Morphology and Anatomy
  • Ecology
  • Plant Physiology
  • Molecular Systematics and Evolution
  • Plant Developmental Biology
  • Biodiversity and GNSS
  • Ethnobotany
  • Herbarium Techniques

Research Area

Plant Taxonomy, Molecular Systematics, Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution, Phytochemistry and Ethnobotany


Working Experience from 04.01.2010 -18.10.2011 (UGC-Major Research Project)

A molecular approach to the developmental basis of sporocarp and phylogenetic interpretation of intraspecific polymorphism in Marsilea L.

Conference Papers Published

  • “Micro-morphology of calcium oxalate (CaOx) crystals and idioblasts of some common members of Araceae in West Bengal: A systematic approach.” Indian Science Congress association-2016. Mysore University, Mysuru, on January 3rd-7th
  • “Synthesis of Silver Nano-particles: Using leaf extract from two medicinally importants Mistletoes.” National Seminar on Medicinal Plants. Dept of Botany & Forestry Vidyasagar University; 16-17th, February-2016
  • “Numerical analysis of COCs (Raphides) of some member of Araceae: A systematic approach.” 22st West Bengal state Science & Technology Congress.” University of North Bengal, February, 28 – March, 1, 2015
  • “Micro-morphological characters of Calcium Oxalate Crystals (COCs) are a key character of the family Araceae for the better taxonomic placement.” 21st West Bengal state Science & Technology Congress. University of Burdwan 20-21 February, 2014.
  • “Phylogenetic relationship among the four climbers belonging to the family Araceae L. with special reference to Calcium oxalate Crystals (COCS).” XXIII Annual Conference of IAAT & National Seminar on Recent Advances in Plant Taxonomy Research. Nagpur University, Nagpur-440033. December 27-30, 2013
  • “Comparative analysis calcium oxalate crystas (COCs) of two species of the genus Amorphophallus (Araceae).” National Seminar on “Research Methodology in Higher Education”. Vidyasagar University, Midnapur-721102. West Bengal. 19th March, 2013
  • “Micro-morphological characters of Calcium Oxalate Crystals (COCs) and idioblast of few selected members of of Araceae: Taxonomically most significant.” XXI IAAT & National Seminar On Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change. Bhubaneswar University. December 2-4, 2011.
  • “Distribution and frequency of calcium oxalate crystals (COCs) in the five edible species of Araceae under light and polarized microscope.” UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Bioresource and Human Welfare. Lady Brabourne College, Kolkata. 20-21st January, 2011
  • “The calcium oxalate crystals (COCs) of some selected Angiospermic taxa from India under the family Araceae: Used as a taxonomic marker.” IBC-2011 at Melbourne University, Australia. Melbourne, Australia IBC-2011, 23-30th July.
  • “The occurrence, type and location of COCs in the leaves, stem and roots of three free- floating monocotyledonous taxa of the subfamily-Lemnoideae: used important taxonomic markers.” XI International Conference of IOPB –Evolution of plants from tropical to high mountain ecosystem: Focus on Asia. Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Aurangabad, 2-4 September, 2010
  • “Studies on the calcium oxalate crystals (COCs) of 5 members of Araceae”. National Seminar on Angiosperms Taxonomy: A Tribute to Dr.Sushil Kumar Mukherjee. Department of Botany, University of Calcutta, on 9th January, 2010.
  • “Studies on micro-morphology of calcium oxalate crystals [(COCs) Raphides] in the selected members of Araceae: Used as a taxonomic marker.” 17th West Bengal state Science & Technology Congress. WBUAFS, Kolkata, 4-5 March, 2010.
  • “Studies on the calcium oxalate crystals [(COCs) Raphides] of some selected angiospermic taxa under the family Araceae: impact on their edibility and posibile use as taxonomic markers.” XIX- Annual conference of Indian Association for Angiosperms taxonomy and International symposium on Angiosperm Systematics & Phylogeny: Retrospects & Prospects. NBRI (CSIR), Lucknow from 12th -14th November, 2009.
  • “Comparative growth analysis of Beta vulgaris Linn. (Chenopodiaceae) using vermicompost and chemical fertilizer”. Exploitation of Biological Resources and Application of Eco-Friendly Cultural Practices for Sustainable Crop Production. Siliguri College, February 21st-22nd, 2009.
  • “Sustenance growth and development applying vermicompost upon Piper longum L. to prove as substitute of chemical fertilizer.” UGC Sponsored State Level Seminar on ‘Organic Farming for Green and Clean World’. Raja N.L.Khan Womens’ College, September 24th, 2008.



Journal Papers Published

  • Sanjoy Pal, Trinath Chowdhury, Kishalay Paria, Sounik Manna, Sana Parveen, Manjeet Singh, Pralay Sharma, Sk Saruk Islam, Sk Md Abu Imam Saadi, Santi M. Mandal (2022). Brief survey on phytochemicals to prevent COVID-19. Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, Vol 99(1), p. 100244.
  • Sk Saruk Islam, Sujoy Midya, Sanjit Sinha, Sk Md Abu Imam Saadi (2021). Natural medicinal plant products as an immune-boosters: A possible role to lessen the impact of Covid-19. Case Studies in Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Vol 4, p. 100105.
  • Saadi SMAI, Mondal I, Sarkar S and Mondal AK (2020) Medicinal plants diversity modelling using remote sensing & GIS technology of Chilkigarh, West Bengal, India. Tropical Plant Research, 7(2): 440–451
  • Saadi S.M.A.I and Mondal A.K. (2019). Leaf Extracts Silver Nanoparticles of Four Medicinally Important Plants: Used as a Green Manure. European Journal of Medicinal Plants, 30 (4):1-8.
  • Dwari S., Saadi S.M.A.I., Mondal A.K. (2018). First confirm report of Macromia cingulata Rambur 842 from West Bengal, India. International Journal of Zoology Studies, 3 (3): 1-3.
  • Saadi S.M.A.I., Mondal I., Sarkar S., Mondal A.K., Bandyopadhyay J. (2017). Detecting medicinal plants species using GPS positioning in Vidyasagar University Campus, Midnapore, West Bengal, India. Spat. Inf. Res. 25:49–56. DOI 10.1007/s41324-016-0078-y
  • Ghosh D., Saadi S.M.A.I., Mondal A.K.., Mondal S. (2015) Biosynthesis of Silver nano- particle from four medicinally important taxa in south West Bengal, India. International research Journal of Nano science & Technology, 5 (11): 305-312.
  • Saadi, S.M.A.I. and Mondal, A.K. (2013). A report on occurrence of massive infructescence in Musa x paradisiaca L. (Musaceae) from southern West Bengal. ENVIS Newsletter, 18 (2):7
  • Saadi, S.M.A.I. and Mondal, A.K. (2013). Comparative analysis of calcium oxalate crystals of three edible taxa in South West Bengal, india. International Journal of Current Research, 5 (3): 472-478
  • Saadi, S.M.A.I. and Mondal, A.K. (2012). Studies on the Calcium Oxalate Crystals (Raphides) and Idioblast of Some Selected members of Araceae in Eastern India. African Journal of Plant Science, 6 (9): 256-269.
  • Saadi, S.M.A.I. and Mondal, A.K. (2012). Distribution of calcium oxalate crystal containing idioblast in the leaves of Syngonium podophyllum Schott. Int. J. Life Sc. Bt & Pharm. Res. 1(2): 227-235.
  • Saadi, S.M.A.I. and Mondal, A.K. (2012). Distribution of calcium oxalate crystal containing idioblasts in the leaves of Aglaonema commutatum Schott. International Journal of Science and Nature, 3(2): 286-292
  • Saadi, S.M.A.I. and Mondal, A.K. (2011). Studies on the Calcium Oxalate Crystals of Some Selected Aroids (Araceae) in Eastern India. Advances in Bioresearch, Vol. 2 [1] June 2011: 134 – 143.



Books Published

  • Saadi, S.M.A.I. and Mondal, A.K. (2015). Studies on deposition, shape and location of calcium oxalate crystals in the leaves and roots of two free-floating monocotyledonous taxa under the sub-family Lemnoideae.  In: Advancement in Plant Sciences. Jana, B. K. & Mukherjee, S. K. (ed). Lap Lambert Academic Publishing-Verlag, Germany. pp. 201-220.
  • Saadi, S.M.A.I. and Mondal, A.K. (2019). Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles from leaf extract of three medicinally important plants and its effects on seed germination and seedling growth on Vigna radiata L. in B. Sing (ed). Plants of Commercial Values, New India Publishing Agency, New Delhi, pp. 331-343.


  • Best Paper Presentation Award: 22st West Bengal State Science and Technology Congress-2015 held at The University of North Bengal, February 28 2015.
  • Best Paper Presentation Award: 21st West Bengal State Science and Technology Congress-2014 held at The University of Burdwan, 20-21 February.
  • PhD Research Fellow: Maulana Azad National Fellowship (MANF) Ref- F1-17.1/2010/MANF-MUS-WES-5847/(SA-III/Website) & 22-Sep-2011

Ph.D. Thesis Guidance

Registered PhD Scholar: 01

MASTER Thesis Guidance

  • Analysis of the Taxonomic position of the two families Dioscoreaceae and Taccaceae based on their Morphological and Molecular characters- A systematic approach.
  • Assessment of Medicinal Plant Species diversity of four Communities in Murshidabad District, West Bengal.
  • Study of Widely Distributed Lineages and GISAID-Clades of Covid-19 Virus in India.
  • Survey of Plant Species Diversity and Richness of four Communities in Malda District, West Bengal.
  • Comparison of plant species diversity of four communities in North 24 Parganas District, West Bengal.
  • Assessment of Plant Species Diversity of four Communities in Murshidabad District, West Bengal.
  • Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using leaf extract and its effects on seed germination and seedling growth in Mungbean (Vigna radiata L.)


The theme of the program is- Ecological Restoration

Restoration of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.An online Program on Environmental Issues, organised by Aliah University, Kolkata, WB, on 20 June 2016.


Membership Of Learned Societies

  • Indian Association of Angiosperm Taxonomy (IAAT)
  • International Association of Plant Taxonomy (IAPT)
  • Indian Science Congress association (ISCA)


  • Workshop on “Molecular Systematics beyond the flowering plants; Principles, Methods and its Applications – an analytical approach from 22nd November -1st December, 2021 conducted by Department of Botany, Madras Christian College (Autonomous), Tambaram, Chennai.
  • Hands on Training on “Advanced Molecular Docking” from 16th – 26th October, 2021 conducted by the Directorate of Research, SAFI Institute of Advanced Study, Calicut, Kerala in association with SIAS Research Forum.
  • Summer Internship on “Applications of DNA Barcodes in Systematics and Biogeography - a Phyloinformatics approach” from 14th -30th July, 2021 conducted by Department of Botany, Madras Christian College (Autonomous), Tambaram, Chennai.
  • Workshop on “Preservation methods with the practical techniques in Botany” Organized by Department of Botany and Alumni Association (Botany), University of Burdwan. Botanical Survey of India, Kolkata and Department of Science & Technology, Government of West Bengal. From rd to 7th March 2014.
  • National level workshop on “Current Trends of Biological Research Crossroads of Science” Organized by Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility Center, Department of Microbiology, Vidyasagar University. From 17th-23rd May 2013,
  • Workshop on “Instrumentation & Their Applications in Material Science & Biological Science”. Organized by Department of Instrumentation Science Jadavpur University, Kolkata - 700032.West Bengal, India.From 23-25th November, 2009


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