Dr. Sk. Kabita Assistant Professor / BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES

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Address : Dept. of Biological Sciences, Aliah University, IIA/27, New Town, Kolkata - 700160, India.

Room No : Faculty Room, 8th Floor, Left Block

Joined : 1st October, 2019

I have joined the Department of Biological Sciences, Aliah University on 1st October,2019 as an Assistant Professor. Prior to joining Aliah University, I was associated with Raja Peary Mohan college as an Assistant Professor of Zoology with recommendation of the West Bengal College Service Commission. I did my PhD in the field of Reproductive Physiology of Fish under the supervision of Dr. Panchanan Nath, Professor of Zoology, Visva Bharati University. My work is in the field of reproductive endocrinology in fish by investigating the biochemical and physiological details of the major protein, Vitellogenin (Vg) involved in reproduction. 


Books Published

Book Chapter: Environmental and hormonal control of fish reproduction with special emphasis on vitellogenesis. Natural and Anthropogenic Hazards on Fish and Fisheries (ed. Umesh C. Goswami) Narendra Publishing House. New Delhi, India, ISBN: 8185375666, 2007


Membership Of Learned Societies


Life Member of Indian Society for Comparative Endocrinology (ISCE)


Conference Papers Published

National Symposium on Comparative Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology: Retrospect and Prospect , Department of zoology , University of Delhi, Delhi. Paper Title: Switch on and off role of vitellogenins on the regulation of vitellogenesis in the catfish, Clarias batrachus.  Nov. 17-19 2005


National Symposium on an update of Reproductive Endocrinology: Novel and Applied strategies , Department of zoology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. Paper Title: Purification of three forms of vitellogenin in the catfish, Clarias batrachus, Feb. 26-28 2007

National Symposium on Comparative Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology: Insights and Challenges, Department of zoology, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan, Paper Title: Auto regulation of vitellogenesis: evidence from the work of catfish, Clarias batrachus Nov. 26-28 2007


National Symposium on Comparative Endocrinology and Reproductive Biology, Department of Zoology, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan, Paper Title: Effects of conspecific vitellogenin (Vg1 and Vg2) on plasma levels of LH and E2 in relation to ovarian growth in the female catfish during preparatory and pre spawning period. Oct 1-3 2015


International seminar on “Advances in Biological Techniques”. Department of zoology, Raja Peary Mohan College, Uttarpara.; Nov 4-6, 2017. Paper Title: Development of ELISAs for two forms of Vitellogenin in catfish, Clarias batrachus


Journal Papers Published


Vitellogenesis with special emphasis on Indian fishes. Fish physiology and Biochemistry (International) ISSN: 0920-1742(print), 1573-5168(online), Vol.33, Pages. 359-366, 2007

Purification and development of ELISAs for two forms of vitellogenin in Indian walking catfish, Clarias batrachus(L.) Fish physiology and Biochemistry (International) Vol. 43, Issue.2, Pages. 477-491, 2017


In vivo effects of Vg1 and Vg2 in the changes of plasma GtH (LH), E2, Vg1 and Vg2 levels in relation to ovarian growth in threatened catfish, Clarias batrachus during prespawning period. Proceedings of the National Seminar on ”Biotechnology in Human Health And Environment”, ISBN 975-93-80736-83-9, 2018 


  • SET, 2015
  • Ph.D in Zoology, Visva Bharati University, 2015, Thesis title: " In vivo effects of vitellogenin on plasma gonadotropin and estradiol-17β levels in catfish (Clarias batrachus) during its annual reproductive cycle"
  • in Zoology, Visva Bharati University, 1st Class, Special paper: Fish Biology


Teaching Experience


Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology, Raja Peary Mohan College, University of Calcutta, 18.01.17 to 30.09.19


Research Area


My research interests lie in the role of the protein vitellogenin in fish reproduction and it aims to make the best scientific information on endocrine parameters of female catfish responsible for reproduction during different phases of annual reproductive cycle. I successfully isolated and purified two forms of Vg (Vg1 and Vg2) from the plasma of E2-treated catfish and characterized Vgs biochemically and immunologically and developed homologous ELISA separately for each Vg. A major focus of my research is the investigation of the effects of Vg1 and Vg2 on the reproduction of female catfish.  In the future, I will continue to investigate the other functions of this protein. Presently I have started working to investigate the effects of Algal Meal on reproductive potential in threatened catfish, Clarias batrachus.   This threatened catfish is highly important to the society, having high market value and medicinal value, so reproductive success is vital for sustaining an aqua cultural system. Aspects of vitellogenin analysis are important to many questions.


·         Can we adopt some effective strategy for sustainable conservation of Clarias batrachus by increasing the reproductive potential by using vitellogenin to preserve the functional integrity of the ecosystem?


·         Can we revive the glory of C. batrachus in our country?


·         With proper focus, could it be turned into economic and social advantages?


·         Can we use the vitellogenin protein as a tool to measure the reproductive success for other species?


I look forward to directing my research program towards many of these questions in the future.


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