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Dr. Supia Khatun Associate Professor / CIVIL ENGINEERING

Email :

Address : Dept. of Civil Engineering, Aliah University, New Town Campus, IIA/27 New Town, Kolkata-700156, India (Left Block, 1st Floor)

Room No : Faculty room of Civil Engg

Joined : 2009


PhD ((Indian Institute of Engineering, Science and Technology, Shibpur)

M.E (Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur)

B.E. (Bengal Engineering College, deemed university, Shibpur)


Teaching Experience

  • Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, Aliah University, Kolkata. January 2009- 2021.
  • Lecturer, CIPT, Kolkata. July 2003- March 2004.

Industrial Experience

  • Assistant Manager, Garden Reach Ship Builders and Engineers Ltd., Kolkata. July 2007- December 2009.
  • Structural Engineer, SPA Consultant, Kolkata. May 2004- May 2005.

Field of Specialization

Major : Civil Engineering

Minor: Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

Courses Taught/Teaching

Course Title



Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering

Under Graduate

Theory and Laboratory

Hydraulic and Hydraulic Machine

Under Graduate

Theory and Laboratory

Open Channel Hydraulics

Under Graduate

Theory and Laboratory

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Under Graduate


Ground Water Movement

Under Graduate




Under Graduate

Theory and Laboratory

Engineering Mechanics


Under Graduate


Engineering Drawing

Under Graduate


Ground Improvement Technique

Post Graduate


Soil structure Interaction

Post Graduate


Subsurface Investigation and Instrumentation

Post Graduate


Slope Stability and Earthen Dam

Post Graduate


Research Area

  • Stability of Slopes
  • River Bank Protection
  • Open Channel Flow Dynamics
  • Failure Mechanism under Geo-Fluvial Condition
  • Ground Improvement Technology
  • Deep Foundation
  • Geo Environmental Engineering
  • Soil Dynamics


Total teaching experience: 10.5 years

Conference Papers Published

Research Publications in International and National Conference

  1. Khatun, S., and Chattopadhya, B.C. , “Average side friction of shallow foundation under uplift load and verification of uplift capacity with increased self weight”, Proceedings of FIYGEC, IGS, Hyderabad, Kakinada chapter, 02-03 March,2007 JNTU, Hyderabad.
  2. Khatun, S., and Chattopadhya, B.C., “Uplift Capacity of plate Anchors with reinforcement”, Proceedings of IGC-2010, GEOtrendz (IIT Bombay) 2010, Vol-II, 16-18 December,2010.
  3. Khatun, S., Ghosh, A. and Sen, D., “Influence of Geotechnical Properties and Fluvial Characteristics for Planning and Designing of River Bank Protection Measure”, 50th Indian Geotechnical Conference, 17th – 19th DECEMBER 2015, Pune, Maharashtra, India.
  4. Khatun, S., Ghosh, A. and Sen, D., “Impact of Water Level fluctuation on River Bank Stability”  Indian Geotechnical Society, Kolkata Chapter, Geotechnics for Infrastructure Development, 11th – 12th March 2016, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
  5. Khatun, S., Ghosh, A. and Sen, D., “Influence of Non Homogeneous Moisture Content on Strength Reduction and Stability of River Bank” 19th Southeast Asian Geotechnical Conference & 2nd AGSSEA Conference (SEAGC2016), 31 May – 3 June 2016, Kualalampur, Malayasia.
  6. Ali, F. Md., Khatun, S., Lincon, A., “An Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Uplift Capacity of Single Piles and Group Piles in Cohesion-less Soil” Indian Geotechnical Conference 2017 GeoNEst, 14-16 December 2017, IIT Guwahati, India.
  7. Ali, F. Md., Khatun, S., Lincon, A., “The Bearing Capacity and Settlement Study of Eccentrically Loaded Circular and Rectangular Shallow Footing on Granular Soil”, Indian Geotechnical Conference 2017 GeoNEst, 14-16 December 2017, IIT Guwahati, India.

Journal Papers Published

Research Publications in International and National Journal

  1. Khatun, S., Ghosh, A. and Sen, D, “An Experimental Investigation on Effect of Drawdown Rate and Drawdown Ratios on Stability of Cohesionless River Bank and Evaluation of Factor of Safety by Total Strength Reduction Method”, International Journal of River Basin Management. Taylor & Fransis, / 10.1080 / 15715124.2018.149885608 Aug 2018.
  2. Dubey, R.P., Ghosh, A., Mitra, T., Choudhuri, B., Ghosh, S. N. and Khatun, S., “Stability Analysis of River Dyke in Estuarine Environment”, Indian Geotechnical Journal, DOI 10.1007/s40098-017-0221-2.
  3. S. Khatun and B.C. Chattopadhya, “Effect of dead load on Uplift Capacity of Block foundation” Institution of Engineers (I) Journal-CV,Volume-91, August.2010.


MASTER Thesis Guidance

Research Supervision

M. Tech. Dissertations (17 completed)

  • A laboratory model study to investigate failure conditions and behaviour of response variables of river bank and under rapid drawdown condition for cohesive and cohesion-less soil. (2016)
  • Stability of a water front bank by limit equilibrium method and finite element method. (2016)
  • An experimental programme on protection of river bank by using different filter material. (2016)
  • Soil stabilization by rice husk. (2016)
  • Behaviour of cohesive soil improved by stone column. (2016)
  • Study of load settlement behavior of soil reinforced with geotextile at different level. (2016)
  • Study of load settlement behavior of soil reinforced with geotextile at different level (2017)
  • The bearing capacity and settlement study of eccentrically loaded shallow circular and rectangular footing on granular soil. (2017)
  • Analysis of suitable protection method for cohesionless model river bank subjected to severe mass failure under rapid drawdown.(2017)
  • Investigation of the response of stress geotechnical behavior of a sand made model embankment subjected to unidirectional vibration load on shake table. (2017)
  • An experimental study on impact of variation of geotechnical and fluvial parameters on pore pressure and stability of a model river bank. (2017)
  • Experimental and classical analysis of stability of a model bank made of cohesion-less soil under varying slope and moisture content .(2017)
  • An experimental and numerical investigation of uplift capacity of single piles and group piles in cohesion-less soil .(2017)
  • An experimental study on influence of water level fluctuation on stability of slope of model river bank composed of cohesion-less material.(2017)
  • Soil stabilization through   additives for   quick road   construction.(2017)
  • Effects of clay content on strength and settlement characteristics of soil.(2019)
  • Study of performance of pile raft foundation in cohesive soil. (2019)
  • A comparative study of positions of different soil layer on measured coefficient of permeability for vertical flow through a stratified soil stratum with theoretical value. (2019)


B.Tech Project:

44 completed



Project Works

Sponsored Research Project

  1. Name of The Project: Analysis of failure mechanism and development of effective bank protection methodology for river bank in West Bengal.
  2. 2019-2022

Sponsoring authority:  Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of West Bengal.

Position Held: Principal Investigator

Membership Of Learned Societies

  • Institute of Engineers (India): Associate Member.
  • Indian Geotechnical Society: Life Member.

Orientation/Refresher/QIP CourseAttended/Organized

Workshop / Orientation Programme / Refresher Course Attended

Title of Programme



Refresher Course on Recent Advances in Civil Engineering

Jadavpur University,


January – 02 to January – 24, 2018

66th Orientation Programme

UGC-Human Resource Development Centre, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

August – 21 to September – 18, 2017

Workshop on Flood Disaster and Management

Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

December-29, 2017

Faculty Development Programme on Research Methodology

Aliah University, Newtown, Kolkata.

July -12 to July-20,2016

Training programme on Advances in Numerical Simulation Techniques for Hydraulics, Hydrology and Water Resources management-II (ANST-HHWM-II)

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.

June- 01 to June-06,2015

TEQIP STC on Ground Improvement Techniques

Bengal Engineering and Science University

March-27 to March-28, 2009


Conference / Seminar Attended




International Conference of DFI

IIEST, Shibpur

September – 08 to September – 10, 2016

National Conference (IGC-2015), Pune Chapter

College of Engineering,  Pune

December – 17 to December – 19, 2015

National Conference (IGC-2010), Mumbai Chapter

Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai

December – 16 to December – 18, 2010

Conference / Seminar Organised




Portfolio hold

Recent Trend in Infrastructure Development in West Bengal.

Department of Civil Engineering, Aliah university

June – 21, 2013


Current Trend in Infrastructure Development

Department of Civil Engineering, Aliah university

June – 21, 2014


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