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Mohsin Jamal Assistant Professor / CIVIL ENGINEERING

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Address : Address: Dept. of Civil Engineering, Aliah University, New Town Campus, IIA/27 New Town, Kolkata-700156, India (Left Block, 1st Floor), Extension No- 4107

Phone : 033-23416550

Room No : Room No : Faculty room of Civil Engg

Joined : 2016

Er. Mohsin Jamal has been working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering of Aliah University since January 2016. He has served as Officiating Head of the Department from February 2019 to March 2021. He has completed his bachelor's in Civil Engineering from MIT, Maharashtra, and did his M.Tech in Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering from NIT Surat, Gujarat. Currently, he is pursuing his Ph.D. in the Department of Civil Engineering, AU Kolkata. He gained comprehensive exposure to the core areas of Civil Engineering especially in Geotechnical Engineering as well as a good conceptual understanding.


  1. Ph. D (Pursuing)
  2. Master of Technology in Civil Engineering (Specialization: Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering) | National Institute of Technology; Surat; India.
  3. | Bachelor of Technology | MIT Aurangabad| Dr. BAMU, Aurangabad; India.

Teaching Experience

  • Department of Civil Engineering, Aliah University, Kolkata January 2016- till date.
  • Department of Civil Engineering, U.V.Patel College of Engg. Ganpat University, Gujarat,July 2 013- Dec 2015

Field of Specialization

Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering

Courses Taught/Teaching

  • Soil Mechanics.
  • Foundation Engineering.
  • Ground Improvement Techniques.
  • Building Materials.
  • Introduction to Civil Engineering.
  • Engineering Geology.
  • Advanced Theory of Soil Mechanics.
  • Advance Soil Mechanics.
  • Advanced Foundation Design.
  • Design of Foundation in Expansive soil. 
  • Advance Foundation Engineering
  • Elements of Civil Engineering
  • Building Services
  • Soil Mechanics Lab.
  • Concrete Lab.
  • Civil Engineering Drawing Lab.
  • Transportation Engineering Lab.

Research Area

Ground Improvement, River Bank Protection, Stability of Slopes, Geo-environmental Engineering, and Geotechnical Utilization of Waste Materials. 


Conference Papers Published

  1. Jamal et al. (2024). "Investigation on The Influence of Pore Water Pressure on The Failure of a Model River Bank Subjected to Drawdown of River Stage." International Conference on Novelties in Geotechnical Engineering (ICNGE 2024). Organised by SCMS School of Engineering and Technology, Karukutty in association with the Indian Geotechnical Society, Kochi Chapter. 25th- 26th April, 2024.

  2. Jamal et al. (2024). "Time-Dependent Protection Effectiveness of Riprap: A physical Model Study."4th International Conference on River Corridor Research and Management (RCRM-2024). Jointly organized by IIT Guwahati, IIT Jammu. 7th-9th March 2024. 
  3. Jamal et al. (2024). Investigating the Role of Geo-Fluvial Parameters on Model River Banks: A Flume Study." 5th International Conference on Sustainable Practices and Innovations in Civil Engineering. (SPICE 2024).
  4. Adil. M.R, Khatoon. S, Jamal. M, Mondal. A. (2024). Investigation on Self-Healing Concrete Using Bacillus Subtilis Bacteria. "5th International Conference on Sustainable Practices and Innovations in Civil Engineering."(SPICE 2024).
  5. Mondal. A, Ali. M, Jamal. M, Adil. R. (2024)." Study of the Geometric Design Characteristics of a Particular Stretch of Kalyani Expressway Using AutoCad Civil 3D Software and Road Designer Sofware." International Conference on Advances in Civil and Environment Engineering (ICACEE 2024, 14th-15th March 2024). Organised by Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Mullana, Ambala.
  6. Jamal. M and Tandel. Y. (2015). Group performance of geo-encased sand column.” Proceeding of International Conference on Advances in Engineering, Mehsana, India
  7. Mondal.A, Jamal.M and Rejoan H.M “Warm mix asphalt technology: An energy saving technique in road construction industry” Proceedings on National Conference on advancement in Civil Engineering practice and research, ISBN No. 9789386724687, HIT, Halidia-W.B. 2018 pp 3-5 (awarded best paper)
  8. Khatun,S., Jamal,M."An Experimental Investigation of Influence of Drawdown Rate and Drawdown ratio on Stability of a River Bank under Rapid Drawdown Condition" Indian Geotechnical Conference, Dec  2018
  9. Jamal, M. Kamal, M. "Study of Improvement in Properties of Soil by Addition of Polypropylene Fibres" National Conference On Emerging Start-up & Innovation in Engineering and Technology (ESIET),Oct 2018.
  10. Jamal, M. "An Experimental Study on CBR of Soil Reinforced With Plastic Waste".National Conference On Emerging Start-up & Innovation in Engineering and Technology (ESIET),Oct 2018

Journal Papers Published

  1. Jamal, M., et al. (2024). The Intermediate River Bank Protection Technique in Critical Geo-fluvial Conditions Using Jute Rope Grid. Indian Geotech J (Scopus). (Scopus)
  2. Jamal, M., Khatun, S., Jha, S., Mehta, D., Dixit, S., Kumar, V., & Tiwari, D. K. (2024). Experimental investigation of the efficiency of stone revetment for different temporal variations with the static water condition. Journal of Water and Climate Change, jwc2024126.(Scopus)
  3. Tandel, Y. K., Jamal, M., Solanki, C. H., and Desai, A. K.(2017)."Performance of small group of geosynthetic reinforced granular piles."Marine Georesources & Geotechnology, (Taylor & Francis).    VOL. 35, NO. 4, 504–511.(Scopus)
  4. Tandel, Y. K., Jamal, M., Solanki, C. H., and Desai, A. K. (2015). “Numerical analyses of a small group of laboratory modeled reinforced stone column.” Current Science, (ISSN: 0011-389, Impact factor: 0.833) VOL. 108, NO. 7. pp. 1354-1361.(Scopus)
  5. Jamal.M, and Tandel. Y. (2015). Group performance of geo-encased sand column.” Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol. 5, Issue 1, pp. 1-2. 
  6. Jamal, M.,Patel, H. V., Senapati, A. (2014). “Construction, Analysis and Behaviour of Stone Column: A Review.” International Journal of Research in Advent Technology, (E-ISSN: 2321-9637), Vol.2, No.9, pp.151-155
  7. Jamal, M. (2014). “X-Section Cast-in-Situ Concrete Pile: A Review.” IJSRD - International Journal for Scientific Research & Development, (ISSN (online): 2321-0613), Vol. 1, Issue 12, pp.2659-2661.
  8.  Akter, M. S., Jamal, M., Ali, M. F., & Ahmad, N. (2018). Effect of Quarry Dust on Different Properties of Soil. i-manager’s Journal on Future Engineering and Technology, 13(4), 14-18.
  9. Habib,A., Jamal,M., Ahmed, N., Mondal, A. "An Experimental Study on CBR of Soil Reinforced With Plastic Waste."International Journal of Innovative Knowledge Concepts, Vol. 6, Special Issue 2, 2018.
  10. Momin,R.R.,  Adil, R., Jamal,M."An Experimental Study on Self-Healing Concrete Using Bacillus Subtilis Bacteria"International Journal of Innovative Knowledge Concepts, Vol. 6, Special Issue 2, 2018.
  11. Jatav M.S.,  Mishra, M.M.,  Jamal,M.,"SCS-CN based modified universal soil loss equation."Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry 2018; SP2: 186-190".

MASTER Thesis Guidance

  1. Ramij Raja Momin (CEN-162006)(July 2018).An Experimental Study on Self-Healing Concrete Using Bacillus Subtilis Bacteria.
  2. Washima Ahmed Shahla (CEN-162017)(July 2018) .Prediction of CBR Value From Engineering Properties of Subgrade Soil.
  3. Masudal Hossain(CEN-162015)(July 2018).Stabilization of Expansive Soil Using Rice Husk Ash.
  4. Mabud Sarkar (CEN-162013)(July 2018). Study of Improvement in Properties of Soil by Addition of Jute Fibres.
  5. Syed Adil Hossain(CEN-162012)(July 2018).Improvement in CBR Value of Soil Reinforced with Waste Plastic.
  6. Md Samim Akter(CEN-15210).(Oct 2017).Study on Different Parameter of Quarry Dust Modified Soil.
  7. Mishba Kamal (CEN-15209)(Oct 2017).Study of improvement in Properties of Soil by Addition of Polypropylene Fibres.
  8. Md Asif Iqbal (CEN182007). Experimental Study on Resistance in Gravel Bed Channels.
  9. Md. Ismail Fasihi (CEN182002). Morphological study of river Ganga, upstream of Farakka barrage using Remote sensing and GIS Techniques.
  10. Md. Imroz Alam (CEN182008). Stage-discharge modeling for meandering channels.
  11. Sahabaz Menon (CEN172013). Soil improvement using Microbacillus Bacteria.
  12. Asfaque Habib (CEN172002). Analysis of expansive soil for highway embankment using wooden materials. 
  13. Emon Faruki (CEN182017).River Bank Protection by Jute Bag/ Geo-Bag.
  14. Sk Giyasuddin (CEN182010). Analysis of Slope Stability for Embankment Using Polymeric Synthetic Fabrics.
  15. Md Samim Hassan (CEN192008). Study of Protection Works along with Different River Banks in The State of West Bengal.

    Md. Arsedul Islam (CEN202010).An Experimental Study to Measure the Failure of Model Riverbank Under Various Geo-Fluvial Conditions.
  17. Md Sayeemuddin (CEN202001).  An Experimental Study on Impact of Jute Grid for River Bank Protection.
  18. Md Mustafizur Rahaman Siddiqui. (CEN202015).  An Experimental Study on Variation of Pore Water Pressure Distribution of a Model River Bank Subjected to Failure Under Drawdown Condition.
  19. Benajir Alam (CEN212013). Exploring The Synergistic Impact of Drawdown and Velocity on The Validity of Maynord Equation for Riprap Design. A Physical Model Analysis.
  20. Mehtab Ali (CEN212012). The Geometric Design of a Road Stretch of Kalyani Expressway Using AutoCAD Civil 3d And Open Road Designer


Membership Of Learned Societies

  1. Member of Indian Geotechnical Society (Kolkata Chapter)

Orientation/Refresher/QIP CourseAttended/Organized

  1. Attended UGC Sponsored 30th Orientation course (HRDC, Mizoram University) held from 28th July- 17th August 2020.
  2. Participated UGC Sponsored(HRDC, Mizoram University) Inter-Disciplinary Refresher Course on Engineering and Technology held from 1st-14th Dec. 2020.
  3. Participated in Two weeks Special Summer School equivalent to OP/RC held from 20th July to 2nd Aug.2021.(Mizoram University).
  4. Attended International Virtual Short-Term Course on Futuristic Prospects of Geoenvironmental and Geotechnical Issues of Coal Mine Overburden and Mine Tailings, 15 to 18 March 2021.
  5. Participant. Faculty Development Program “Role of Chemistry in Advanced Engineering Materials (RCAEM-2021)” from 25th - 29th October 2021 organized by the Department of Chemistry, Vasavi College of Engineering (A), Hyderabad.
  6. Participated in the one weel online faculty development program on" Learning Through Virtual Labs for Technical Institutions " held from 18th-22th Oct. 2021. Organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Lendi Institute of Engineering & Technology, in association with the National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, Karnataka.
  7. Completed AICTE sponsored Two Weeks Online Faculty Development Programme on "Structural Assessment, Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures" Organized by the Department of Civil Engineering, Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore from 24th May to 05th June 2021
  8. Participated in Virtual Faculty Development Programme on "Revised NAAC Framework" from 29th March to 3rd April 2021.
  9. Completed the AICTE-ISTE approved Orientation/Refresher Programme on “Online Teaching and Learning Pedagogy” held during 03.05.2021 to 08.05.2021 organized by Knowledge Institute of Technology, Kakapalayam, Salem, Tamilnadu.
  10. Participated in a two days national workshop on recent trends in Artificial Intelligence organized by IEEE CIS Society Gujarat.
  11. Attended Faculty Development Programme on “CURRENT TRENDS IN CIVIL ENGINEERING” organized by Department of Civil Engineering, BMS Institute of Technology and Management via online mode from 19th - 24th April 2021.
  12. National Webinar Experiments in Gandhian Non-violence in the Contemporary World, organized by Swami Vivekanand Govt. PG College, Harda.
  13. Attended Five days FDP on "Investment in Share Market" from 11th May to 15th May 2021 organized by IQAC of Shripatrao Kadam Mahavidyalaya, Shirwal.
  14. Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the life of common ma organized by SRN Adarsh college.Karnataka. 8th to 9th April 2021.
  15. Five days International workshop on Recent Development in the field of civil engineering' Organized By-Civil Engineering Dept. ICFAI University Tripura.17.05.2021 to 21.05.2021.
  16. Participated in one day National Webinar on the “Role of IQAC: The Development of Educational Institute for Accreditation” organized by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in collaboration with Career Guidance & Personality Development Cell, Swami Vivekananda Govt. P.G. College, Harda (MP) on 13th of March, 2021.
  17. Fourth Dr. Victor de Mello Goa Lecture/Symposium on Women in Geotechnics organized by Goa Engineering College and IGS- Goa Chapter on 13th Feb 2021
  18. Completed Short Term Course on Advanced Geoinformatics.Department of Science and Technology and Biotechnology, Bikash Bhavan.(21st to 25th Nov.2022)
  19. Geotechnical investigation interpretation and improvement.(SVNIT, Surat.)
  20. Five-day online workshop on Islamic Studies organized jointly by Institute of objective studies & Aliah University.(Feb 2021).
  21. Faculty Induction Training Program.(Ganpat University)
  22. Overview of Ground Improvement Techniques(SVNIT, Surat)
  23. Engineering Mechanics(Through ICT.Organized by IIT Bombay. At U.V.P.C.E)
  24. 7-Day Faculty development program on Research Methodology.(Aliah University)

Other Notable Activities

  1. Head of the Department(Officiating)(Civil Engineering, Aliah University) from February 2019 to March 2021.
  2. University Engineer(Officiation) from June 2022.
  3. Chairman of Board of Studies of  Civil Engineering Department from 2019 to 2021.
  4. Chairman. of purchase committee of Civil Engineering Department, AU,  from 2019 to 2021.
  5. Chairman of purchase committee for DST sponsored project in the department of  Civil Enginering.AU.
  6. Member of Academic Council from 2019 to 2021.
  7. Member of Building Advisory Committee from 2019 to 2021.
  8. Member of Aliah University Admission Test(AUAT), session of 2019 to 20.
  9. Member of Committee for AICTE affairs.
  10. Attended the1st meeting of the Darbar-i-Aliah(court) held on 6th March 2020.
  11. Member of Committee for water connection in the departmental Laboratories(Mechanical Engineering).
  12. Member of Institutional Industry Cell (IIC) of University.

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