Dr. Souvik Sengupta Associate Professor / COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING

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Dr. Souvik Sengupta is currently working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering in Aliah University. He received his PhD from University of Calcutta and MTech from MAKAUT (then WBUT). His research area includes: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, Formal Methods, Software Engineering and Learning Technology.

Journal Papers Published

Selected Publications:

  • Dave, V., Chatterjee, S., Ghosh, S., & Sengupta, S. (2019), Analysis and Classification of Legislative Text Using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, In Proceedings of The 10th Inter University Engineering, Science & Technology Academic Meet 2019, FOSET
  • Datta, S., & Sengupta, S. (2018), A Review on the Adaptive Features of E-Learning., International Journal of Learning and Teaching Vol. 4, No. 4, December 2018
  • Sengupta, S. & Dasgupta (2017), Architectural design of a LMS with LTSA-conformance, in Education and Information Technologies, Springer, January 2017, Volume 22, Issue 1, pp 271–296
  • Sengupta, S., & Dasgupta, R. (2016), LTSA Conformance Testing to Architectural Design of LMS using  Ontology,  Education & Information Technology, Springer, Volume 7, Issue 1,   pp 1-19.
  • Sengupta, S., & Dasgupta, R. (2015). Use of Semi-Formal and Formal Methods in Requirement Engineering of ILMS. ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, 40(1), pp.1-13.
  • Sengupta, S., & Dasgupta, R. (2015). A VDM-based Approach for Specifying and Testing Requirements of Web-applications. Elsevier, Procedia Computer Science, 46, pp. 774-783.
  • Sengupta, S., & Dasgupta, R. (2014).Towards Developing Requirement Analysis Model of iLMS. In Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Electronic and Communication Systems. Track on Communications, Circuits and Educational Technologies, pp. 154-162.
  • Book Chapter - “Using Semiformal and Formal Methods in Software Design: An Integrated Approach for Intelligent Learning Management System” In Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Volume 305, Springer India, pp. 53-65, 2014.
  • Sengupta, S., & Dasgupta, R. (2013). Integration of functional and interface requirements of an web based software: a VDM based formal approach. In Proceeding of IASTED International Conference on Software Engineering, pp. 2013-796.
  • Sengupta. S., & Dasgupta. R., (2012). Identifying, Analysing and Testing of Software Requirements in Learning Management System. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Virtual Learning ICVL 2012, Romania,  pp. 253-261.
  • Sengupta, S., Mukherjee, B., Bhattacharya, S., & Dasgupta, R. (2012). OLAP based Scaffolding to support Personalized Synchronous e-Learning. International Journal of Managing Information Technology, Inderscience 4(3), pp.73-80.
  • Sengupta, S., Sahu, S., & Dasgupta, R. (2011). Construction of Learning Path Using Ant Colony Optimization from a Frequent Pattern Graph. International Journal of Computer Science Issues, Vol. 8, Issue 6, No 1, November 2011, pp. 314-321.
  • Sengupta, S., Sahu, S., & Dasgupta, R. (2011). A Tree Based Data Structure for Recommendation of an Efficient Learning Path in Definition Learning, In Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Computing Research, 2011, pp. 903-907.
  • Sengupta. S., & Dasgupta. R., (2010). A Data Mining Approach to Determine an Efficient Learning Path,  In Proceedings of the WorldComp 2010, International Conference on Computer Science, Las Vegas, USA, pp. 59-64. 
  • Sengupta, S., Chaki, N., & Dasgupta, R. (2009). Learners' Quanta based Design of a Learning Management System. International Journal of Education &. Information Technologies, Issue 1, Volume 3, 2009, pp. 67-74.
  • Sengupta, S., Chaki, N., & Dasgupta, R. (2008). Design of a Learning Management System on LTSA framework. In Proc. of the 7th WSEAS Int’l. Conf. on Education and educational Technology, Italy, pp. 65-70.

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