Dr. Biswapriya Chatterjee Assistant Professor / ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING

Email :

Address : Electrical Engineering Department, 3rd Floor (RW), Action Area IIA/27, New Town, Kolkata 700160

Phone : +9133 23416580

Room No : 3rd Floor Faculty room, (RW)

Joined : August, 2013


PhD in Engineering from Jadavpur University in 2021.


Field of Specialization


Courses Taught/Teaching

Odd Semester:

EENUGPC02: Electromagnetic Fields

EENUGPC09: Power System I

EENPGPE01: Optimization Technique

Even semester:

EENUGPC05: Electrical & Electronic Measurement

EENUGPC14: Power System II

Research Area

1. Power System Relaying

2. Microgrid

3. Hard Computing Applications in Power System


Administrative position:

1. Served head examiner in Electrical Engineering Department of UIT, BU in 2013

2. Served Head (off) of Electrical Engineering Department of Aliah University during August 2015-17.

Conference Papers Published

1. B Chatterjee, S Debnath, “Cross-correlation based single-phase fault location scheme for transmission lines using one-end voltage,” Proc. of MFIIS-2020 (IET), pp. 149-154, 2020.

2. B. Chatterjee, S. Sarkar, "A Discrete Fourier Transform Based Fault Identification Scheme for IEEE 9-Bus System", Proc. of ICSTCEE-2021 (IEEE), 2021

3. M. S. H. Siddique, B. Chatterjee, "A fault discrimination scheme for transmission system using positive sequence complex power", Proc. of STPGE-2022 (Springer), 2022

Journal Papers Published

1. B Chatterjee, S Debnath, “Fuzzy based relaying scheme for transmission line based on unsynchronized voltage measurement,” IETE Journal of Research, htts:// 03772063.2020.1754934, 2020.

2. B Chatterjee,S Debnath, “Cross-correlation aided fuzzy based relaying scheme for fault classification in transmission lines,” Engineering Science & Technology, an International Journal, vol. 23, pp. 534-543, 2020.

3. B Chatterjee, S Debnath, “Sequence component based approach for fault discrimination and fault location estimation in UPFC compensated transmission line,” Electric Power Systems Research, vol. 180, 106155, 2020.

4. B Chatterjee, S Debnath, “A new protection scheme for transmission lines utilizing positive sequence fault components,” Electric Power Systems Research, vol. 190, 106847, 2021.

5. M. Paul, S. Debnath, B. Chatterjee, "Fault detection and classification scheme for smart grids considering high impedance evolving and cross-country faults" Electrical Engineering,, 2022

Ph.D. Thesis Guidance

For PhD: Research aspirants, who have the zeal to generate theories based on mathematical argument, can send his/her CV along with the research proposal to

Other Notable Activities

1. Worked as a reviewer of International Journal of Modelling & Simulation, Taylro & Francis.

2. Worked as a reviewer of International Energy Journal



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