Dr. Asima Sarkar Assistant Professor / MANAGEMENT & BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

Email :

Address : Left Block, 7th floor, Aliah University, IIA/27, Action Area II, New town, Kolkata-700160.

Phone : 9832243083

Room No : Management Faculty Room, Left Block, 7th floor

Joined : 21/09/2017

Dr. Sarkar is working as an Assistant Professor in the dept. of MBA from 21st September, 2017.



Teaching Experience

13 Years

Field of Specialization

Statistics and Quantitative Techniques

Courses Taught/Teaching

Mathematics, Statistics, Advanced Data Analysis

Research Area

Stock Market and Financial data modelling


13 Years

Conference Papers Published

1. Presented a paper on the volatility of Indian Commodity market with the help of Bayesian GARCH model in the Triennial Symposium on Probability and Statistics, Calcutta University, Dec. 2009


2. MEDQUAL- The Quality of News Paper- A Pilot Study, published in the 5th Indian Congress on Quality, Environment, Energy& Safety Management Systems- 2007, by the Oxford Publishing House.


Journal Papers Published

1. Chakrabarty, R. and Sarkar A. (2014), “Behavior of Volatility of the Indian Stock Market with respect to Some Eco-Political Factors”, The IUP Jounal of Applied Finance, 22(2), 5-15.


2. Chakrabarty, R. and Sarkar A. (2014), “An Analysis of Impact of Global Recession on Indian Stock Market with Particular Emphasis on a Few Leading Sectors”, The IUP Jounal of Applied Finance, 20(1), 46-61.


3. Chakrabarty, R. and Sarkar A. (2013), “The Effect of Economic Indicators on the Volatility of Indian Stock market: Using Independent Component Regression”, Journal of Contemporary Research in Management, 8(4), 1-22.


4. Chakrabarty, R. and Sarkar A. (2013), “Cross Border Volatility Spillover on Indian Stock Market Using a Polynomian Distributed Lag Model”, Tactful Management Research Journal, 1(11), 33-43.


5. Chakrabarty, R. and Sarkar A. (2010), “Efficiency of the Indian Commodity and Stock Market with Focus on Some agricultural Product”, Paradigm, XIV(1), 85-96.

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