Dr. Sumana Pal Associate Professor / MATHEMATICS AND STATISTICS

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Address : ALIAH UNIVERSITY, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, 4th Floor, Left Block, IIA/27, NEWTOWN, Kolkata-700156

Room No : LB, 4th Floor


M.Sc. in Pure Mathematics, University of Calcutta, 1999

Ph.D. (Sc.) in Mathematics, Jadavpur University

Teaching Experience

1. Lecturer in Mathematics, Chandernagore Govt. College (WBES), Hooghly, West Bengal from 08.08.2001 to 01.08.2007

2. Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Mathematics, Lady Brabourne College (WBES), Kolkata from 02.08.2007 to 17.02.2016

3. Assistant Professor in Mathematics, Aliah University, from 18.02.2016  till date

Field of Specialization


Fixed Point Theory

Courses Taught/Teaching

Abstract Algebra

Linear Algebra

Classical Algebra

Real Analysis

Functional Analysis

Graph Theory

Research Area


Fixed Point Theory

Journal Papers Published

  1. A. P. Baisnab, Pratulananda Das, Sumana Pal, Fixed Points of Operator Satisfying Various Contractive Conditions in Complete Partial Metric Spaces, Fixed Point Theory, 20(2019), No. 2, 451-468.
  2. A. P. Baisnab, Sumana Pal, On p-h Point and Completeness Property of a Partial Metric Space, Annals of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 16, No. 2, 2018, 393 – 400.
  3. S. Pal, P. Das, A. P. Baisnab, On Fixed Points of phi– type Operators, Adv. Inequal. Appl. 2015, 2015:11.
  4. M. K. Sen, Shamik Ghosh, Sumana Pal, On a Class of Subdirect Products of Left and Right Clifford Semigroups, Comm. In Alg., Vol. 32, No. 7, pp. 2609-2615, 2004

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