Prof. Babulal Seal Professor / MATHEMATICS AND STATISTICS

Email :

Address : Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Aliah University, IIA/27, Newtown, Kolkata-700160

Phone : 3602

Room No : LB, 6th Floor

Dr. Babulal Seal is Professor in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Aliah University since February 2016.

Former  HOD’s of  Burdwan University and Aliah University in the Department of Statistics


B.Stat. (Hons.),



Teaching Experience

1. Teaching experience in PG level of the universities for more than 29 years.

      3. Reviewer of Journals of Statistics.

      4. Guided five scholars in various fields of Statistics.

Research Area

Non linear integral equations, Applied stochastic process, Internal migration, Anthropometric data analysis and modelling, Reliability theory, Inference of curved family, Semi -parametric method in Big data analysis. Publications in international and national journals.

Some scholars are working  at present in other fields.


Administrative Experiences


Former  HOD, Department of Statistics, Burdwan University

Former  HOD, Department of Statistics and Informatics, Aliah University

Controller of Examinations, Co-ordinator of DST-FIST program member of Court, Faculty Council Member of different selection committees.

Member of various bodies of some Indian universities, Institutes.

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