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Post Graduate Programs offered by the Department:

Notice For Supplementary Examination Spring 2020

Notice regarding the submission of project report

Online Study Notice

Online Study Notice

Dr. Zeenat Rehena

Online Course Materials:

Computer networks (CSE302, MCA406)- CSE 6th and MCA 8th Semester

Multiple Access Protocol

Network Layer: Logical Addressing

Dr. Sk Md Obaidullah

Course: Formal Language and Automata Theory (B.Tech 5th Sem)

Online Video Lectures (Selected topics)

Priliminary Definitions, DFA, NFA

NFA to DFA Conversion

Mealy and Moore Machine

Pumping lemma for RL

Introduction to PDA

Pushdown Automata I

Course: Elective IV Theory of Computing (CSE604D) - M.Tech 2nd Semester

Reference Book: Introduction to languages and the theory of computation by John C. Martin / An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata by Peter Linz

tudy materials

Closure Properties of RL

Topics on CFL - Upcoming

PDA and its Properties - Upcoming

Assignment on TM Set 1

NPTEL (MHRD) Study material

Course: Digital Image Processing (CS406) - MSc 8th Semester

Reference Book: Digital Image Processing by Rafael C. Gonzalez & Richard E. Woods

Study materials


Transform and Filtering

Filtering in Frequency Domain - Upcoming

Image Restoration and Reconstruction - Upcoming

Morphological Analysis - Upcoming

Image Segmentation Techniques - Upcoming

Mr. Ahsan Mullick

Free and Open Source Software (MCA206)

Philosophy of FOSS and its Licensing

Linux Concepts and Features


Free and Open Source Tools

System Analysis and Design (BCA206)

Information Requirement Analysis

Process Modelling and Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) for Reference

System Design

Dr. Souvik Sengupta

Free and Open Source Software (MCA206)

MCA104/PGMCA 2ND SEM DBMS - Concurrency Control & Locking Protocols

MTech -1st year CSE608 Naive Bayes Classifier

BTech - 4th year CSE404(F) Text Classification (Part-1)

First year Communicative English

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Kunal Kr. Halder

Md. Hasanujjaman

Samim Reza

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