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Introduction :

Department of Urdu Aliah University Kolkata is one of the leading centres of Urdu learning in the country. Established in the year 2015,  the department has consistently strived to promote excellence in teaching and learning Urdu language and literature. Instead of treading on beaten path it has evolved modern and innovative methods of teaching with the help of relatively young and dynamic faculty members. It has focused on modern and updated syllabi in tune with the needs of our time. No wonder, the department is attracting students from across the nooks and corners of the state. The main focus of the teaching fraternity is to inculcate the habit of critical thinking and research on various subjects related to the Urdu language and literature.


The following are the main objectives of the department:
1. To promote excellence in Urdu teaching and learning.

2. To enable students to understand and appreciate the classical literary texts.

3. To enable students to understand the development of Urdu Novel, short story, drama theatre, and flim.

4. To help students critically appreciate modern trends in Urdu literature.

5. To encourage students to critically evaluate impacts of World literature on Urdu.


1. Starting online courses in Urdu. 

2. Upgrading Urdu syllabi to make it more accessible for aspiring professionals and creating jobs.

3. Nurturing and training young learners for professional needs of contemporary fields like Journalism and Urdu media, content writing etc.

4. Creating a congenial atmosphere for the emergence of ideas through seminars, conferences, and talks on emerging themes of Urdu language and literature.

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