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The Department of Management & Business Administration is committed to:

  • Impart professional knowledge, skill and attitude in the arena of business management and administration to students at the under-graduate and post-graduate levels, through innovative pedagogy, practical applications and industry-academia interactions.
  • Encourage innovative ideas, in-depth analysis of the vibrant business environment, explore new research horizons, organize platforms for academic deliberations and attract inquisitive minds to its doctoral programme with its expert faculty members.
  • Contribute in skill enhancement and development to increase the employability, self reliance and empowerment of small entrepreneurs through need-based training programmes.
  • Provide expertise in solving business, management and administration-related challenges of various organizations through consultancy.
  • Serve the requirements of the market by providing updated course curriculum of its existing programs as well as offering new professional courses. 
  • Create visionary and inspiring future leaders who will be financially self-reliant, entrepreneurial, ethical and empowered with the ability to merge the socio-economically backward society with the main stream of the society, and thereby contribute to the overall development of the country.

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