Department of  Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies

The department of Islamic Studies is a newly established department in Aliah University. It has started its journey from 2017 in park circus campus. Presently the Dept. of Islamic Studies is offering 3 year Course of Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Islamic Studies. Form 2019 the department adopted the Chios Based Credit System in UG level.  The department has two Assistant Professors and one part time teacher. 

The curriculum of UG covers the major areas of Islamic Studies, i.e. (1) Islamic Sciences; Quran, Hadith, Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic Mysticism, faith and Kalam. (2) History of Islamic Culture and Civilization (3) Social, Political, Ethical and Economical Theories in Islam. (4) Muslim Contribution to Arts, Science, Social Science and Technology in medieval period.  (5) Non-Muslim Contribution to Islamic Studies. (6) Islamic Civilization, Muslim Thinkers and Reform Movement in India. (7) Contemporary Muslim World.

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