About the department

Electrical Engineering is one of the oldest and most important discipline of Engineering. In fact, Electrical Engineering is among the few most common and core branches of engineering, without which it is difficult to imagine an engineering institute in our country, or even abroad.

The Department of Electrical Engineering of Aliah University has been established in 2009. The department started its journey under the supervision of Prof T K Basu, former Head of Electrical Engineering Department of IIT Kharagpur. Noted personalities like Prof. Sujoy Bose (former Professor of Electrical Engineering Department, Jadavpur University) and Prof. Tapan Kumar Mukherjee (former Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Calcutta University) were in the advisory post in the department. Presently the department has seven regular faculty members and two technical assistants along with one office staff.

The Department of Electrical Engineering, Aliah University has been in continuous pursuit of achieving its mission of producing Electrical Engineers of high calibre, to serve the society and nation, through its dedication and discipline.

A department’s vision is also reflected in its curriculum: that’s why the curriculum of this department is dynamic and adaptive. It is revised frequently to adapt to the guidelines of UGC and AICTE as well as to accommodate latest developments in technology. On one side we have subjects like ‘Indian Constitution’ and ‘Islamic Studies’ to keep our students rooted to the nationalism and culture (as this institute’s heritage is also associated with the erstwhile Calcutta Madrasah also known as Mohammedan College of Calcutta), and on the other hand we have subjects like ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Smart Grid’, ‘Renewable Energy’ and many more to introduce them to the modern technological world. At the same time the subjects like ‘Professional Values and Ethics’ and ‘Environmental Science’ are included to make our students responsible citizens.

It is always our endeavor to develop the laboratories with latest hardware and software. The hardware-based projects, seminars and industrial training develop our students into future-ready engineers. Not only that but we also have a smart classroom equipped with latest ICT tools to enhance the teaching-learning experience in a modern way.

The department not only has very high percentage of doctorate faculty members but also has faculty members from diverse specializations in Electrical Engineering.

The department runs three courses of UG, PG and PhD with the sanctioned strengths of 60 and 18 for the UG and PG courses respectively. It is always our aim to inculcate discipline and sincerity in all of our students, apart from imparting the technical knowledge to them. Students are continuously guided and encouraged to achieve excellence not only in their current courses but also beyond the boundaries of the institute after the completion of the course.

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