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1. AA_Power Electronics_3Ph Inverter

2. AA_Power Electronics_Inverter Control

3. AA_Power Electronics_Thyristor

4. PD_Electrical Machines I_ 3 Ph Induction Motor

5. AA_Protection_UG

6. AA_Protection_PG

7. PD_Electrical Machines I_ 1 Ph Transformer_UG

8. PD_Renewable Power Generation & Control_Biomass Energy_PG

9.   (i)  MKB_OEE 202- Electrical Measurement_1

      (ii) MKB_OEE 202- Electrical Measurement_2

      (iii)  Follow this Video Lecture on Electrical Measurements from NPTEL  IIT KGP

10. RP_PLC_4th_year

11. RP_Transducer_material1

12. PD_Renewable Power Generation & Control_Biomass Energy (Part-II)_PG

13. PD_Renewable Power Generation & Control_Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells_PG

14. RP_Robust_control_note

15. PD_Renewable Power Generation & Control_Modern Energy Sources & Control_PG

16. MKB_EE 404-Renewable Energy Sources_Solar Energy_UG

17.  (i) BC_Measurement_1

       (ii) BC_Measurement_2

18. BC_HVE

19. SM_EE304_Lyapunov stability_UG

20. NAK_UG

      (i) Basic_1

      (ii) Basic_2

      (iii) Basic_3

      (iv) Basic_4

       (v) Basic_NPTEL_Video

21. NAK_PG

     (i) PG_1

     (ii) PG_2

     (iii) PG_3

     (iv) NPTEL_Link

22.  RS_Power Electronics_B. Tech. 3rd Year

       (i)  Power MOSFET 

       (ii) Rectifier

23. Prof. Palash Kundu_Active Circuits & Systems_PG

      (i) Oscillator

      (ii) OpAmp

      (iii) Non linear function circuits

      (iv)  Timer

      (v) Active Filters

      (vi) Freq-to-voltage

      (vii) LED-LCD-PLASMA

      (viii) Optocoupler

       (ix) Photo Diode and Transistor

       (x) Chemical Vapour Deposition

       (xi) CMOS Technology

       (xii) Device isolation

       (xiii) Etching

       (xiv) Optical lithography

       (xv) Physical Vapour Deposition

24. MKB_Power System Design

        (i) Schemitic of Interconnect Substations in Power Station

        (ii) Diagram of 400_220_33 KV Auto Transformer

        (iii) 210 MW Generator Winding Diagram with Water Cooled Hollow Conductor

25. MKB_EE404: NPTEL Solar Video Link

26.  (i) SM_Adaptive Control note-1_PG

       (ii) SM_Adaptive Control note-2_PG

       (iii) SM_Adaptive Control note-3_PG


      (i)  Heating

      (ii)  Electric Traction

28. First year Communicative English

       (i) Abu Farah_1

       (ii) Abu Farah_2

       (iii) Kunal Kr. Halder

       (iv) Md. Hasanujjaman

       (v) Samim Reza

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