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Academic Regulation



1. Eligibility Criteria for Admission:

The candidates must qualify in Aliah University Entrance Examination (AUAT) & have minimum 17 years of age on the 31" December of the year of admission. there is no maximum age limit for admission in nursing program.

2. Minimum Educational Qualification
a) Candidate with Science who have passed the qualifying 12th Standard examination (10+2) and must have
obtained a minimum of 45% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology taken together and passed in English
b) Candidates are also eligible from State Open School recognized by State Government and National Institute of
Open School (NIOS) recognized by Central Government having Science subjects and English only.
c) English is a compulsory subject in 10+2 for being eligible for admission to B.Sc. (Nursing).

Colour blind candidates are eligible provided that colour corrective contact lens and spectacles are worn by such

Candidate shall be medically fit.
Married candidates are also eligible for admission.
Students shall be admitted once in a year.

Only female candidates who have passed HS or equivalent examination with PCBE and obtained pass marks in each subject (theory and practical separately) are eligible for appearing in the Aliah University admission test. 

3. Reservation for disability

5% Disability reservation to be considered for disabled candidates with a disability of loco-motor to the tune of
40% to 50% of the lower extremity and other eligibility criteria with regard to qualification will be same as
prescribed for General category candidates. The upper age limit shall be relaxed by 5 years for disabled candidates.
Note: A committee to be formed consisting of medical officer authorized by medical board of State government and a
nursing expert in the panel which may decide whether the candidates have the disability of loco-motor to the tune of
40% to 50%.

Candidates must be permanent resident of West Bengal for admission.

4. Admission & Enrolment of Students:

Admission of candidates shall be permitted on condition of fulfillment of eligibility criteria as stated in the regulation

Admission to the University shall be permitted in accordance to the provisions provided by the Statute of this University.

A candidate shall be considered as enrolled after she is admitted and has paid all the prescribed fees within the given time.

A candidate once enrolled shall be considered a student of the nursing department until her name is struck off by the competent authority for continuous absence from classes without information for more than one month and/or for non-payment of fees, for breach of discipline and for any other extra-ordinary reason necessitating such action.

For long absence without any valid reason, in spite of being notified by registered post with acknowledgement (three times:1st letter after 1month of absence, next 2 consecutive letters in the interval of 2wks respectively ) by the Nursing Department, will be considered as discontinuation of the course if the candidate does not respond within 15 days of receiving the last letter. No candidate is allowed to continue the course in the same year until she produces any valid/genuine/medical reason to continue the course.

A candidate, at all times, shall maintain discipline of the college and shall not indulge in any activity or behavior unbecoming of a student.

Every candidate will undergo a certified period of study extending over academic years divided by four annual examinations.

i. The start of the semester shall be 1st August every year.
ii. No admission after the cut-off date i.e. 30th September will be undertaken. Further Hall Tickets/Admit Card shall
not be issued to the candidates who are admitted after 30th September.
iii. The responsibility of obtaining and verifying the requisite documents for admission lies with the Institution and

4. Scheme of Examinations:

Duration of the program: 8 semesters
1-7 Semesters
One Semester Plan for the first 7 Semesters
Total Weeks per Semester: 26 weeks per semester
Number of Weeks per Semester for instruction: 20 weeks (40 hours per week × 20 weeks = 800 hours)
Number of Working Days: Minimum of 100 working days (5 days per week × 20 weeks)
Vacation, Holidays, Examination and Preparatory Holidays: 6 weeks
Vacation: 3 weeks
Holidays: 1 week
Examination and Preparatory Holidays: 2 weeks
8th Semester
One semester: 22 weeks
Vacation: 1 week
Holidays: 1 week
Examination and Preparatory Holidays: 2 weeks

5. Examination Regulations
1. Applied Anatomy and Applied Physiology: Question paper will consist of Section-A Applied Anatomy of 37 marks
and Section-B Applied Physiology of 38 marks.
2. Applied Sociology and Applied Psychology: Question paper will consist of Section-A Applied Sociology of 37 marks
and Section-B Applied Psychology of 38 marks.
3. Applied Microbiology and Infection Control including Safety: Question paper will consist of Section-A Applied
Microbiology of 37 marks and Section-B Infection Control including Safety of 38 marks.
4. Applied Nutrition and Dietetics and Applied Biochemistry: Question paper will consist of Section-A Applied Nutrition
and Dietetics of 50 marks and Section-B Biochemistry of 25 marks.
5. Pharmacology, Genetics and Pathology: Question paper will consist of Section-A of Pharmacology with 38 marks,
Section-B of Pathology with 25 marks and Genetics with 12 marks.
6. Nursing Research and Statistics: Nursing Research should be of 55 marks and Statistics of 20 marks.
7. A candidate must have minimum of 80% attendance (irrespective of the kind of absence) in theory and practical in
each course/subject for appearing for examination.
8. A candidate must have 100% attendance in each of the practical areas before award of degree.
9. Following exams shall be conducted as College exam and minimum pass is 50% (C Grade) and to be sent to the
University for inclusion in the marks sheet and shall be considered for calculating aggregate.
i. Communicative English
ii. Health/Nursing Informatics and Technology
iii. Professionalism, Professional Values and Ethics including Bioethics
iv. Introduction to Forensic Nursing & Indian Laws
10. Minimum pass marks shall be 40% (P grade/4 point) for English only and elective modules.
11. Minimum pass marks shall be 50% in each of the Theory and practical papers separately except in English.
12. The student has to pass in all mandatory modules placed within courses and the pass mark for each module is 50%
(C Grade). The allotted percentage of marks will be included in the internal assessment of College/University
Examination (Refer Appendix 2).
13. A candidate has to pass in theory and practical exam separately in each of the paper.
14. If a candidate fails in either theory or practical, he/she has to re-appear for both the papers (Theory and Practical).
15. If the student has failed in only one subject and has passed in all the other subjects of a particular semester and
Grace marks of up to 5 marks to theory marks can be added for one course/subject only, provided that by such an
addition the student passes the semester examination.
16. The candidate shall appear for exams in each semester:
i. The candidate shall have cleared all the previous examinations before appearing for fifth semester examination.
However, the candidates shall be permitted to attend the consecutive semesters.
ii. The candidate shall have cleared all the previous examinations before appearing for seventh semester
examination. However, the candidates shall be permitted to attend the consecutive semesters.
iii. The candidate shall have cleared all the previous examination before appearing for final year examination.
iv. The maximum period to complete the course successfully should not exceed 8 years.
17. The candidate has to pass separately in internal and external examination (shall be reflected in the marks sheet). No
institution shall submit average internal marks of the students not more than 75% (i.e. if 40 students are admitted in a
course the average score of the 40 students shall not exceed 75% of total internal marks).
18. At least 50% of the Non-nursing subjects like Applied Anatomy & Physiology, Applied Biochemistry, Applied
Psychology & Sociology, Applied Microbiology, Pharmacology, Genetics, Nutrition & Dietetics, Communicative
English and Health/Nursing Informatics & Technology should be taught by the Nursing teachers. Teachers who are
involved in teaching non-nursing subjects can be the examiners for the program.
19. Maximum number of candidates for practical examination should not exceed 20 per day. Particular year and of same
institution batch shall be examined by the same set of examiners.
20. All practical examinations must be held in the respective clinical areas.

21. One internal and one external examiner should jointly conduct practical examination for each student.
22. An examiner for theory and practical/OSCE examination should be an Assistant Professor or above in a College of
Nursing with M.Sc. (Nursing) in concerned subject and minimum 3 years of teaching experience. To be an examiner for
Nursing Foundations course, the faculty having M.Sc. (Nursing) with any specialty shall be considered.

6. Selection of Moderators:

One moderator in each subject, suggested by the board of studies will moderate the questions set by the paper setters for finalizing the questions.

7. Assessment Guidelines
1. Grading of Performance
Based on the performance, each student shall be awarded a final grade at the end of the semester for each course.
Absolute grading is used by converting the marks to grade, based on predetermined class intervals.
UGC 10 point grading system is used with pass grade modified.
   Letter grade              Grade point         Percentage of marks
O (Outstanding)                10                            100%
A+ (Excellent)                    9                              90-99.99%
A (Very Good)                    8                              80-89.99%
B+ (Good)                          7                              70-79.99%
B (Above Average)             6                              60-69.99%
C (Average)                        5                              50-59.99%
P (Pass)                             4                               40-49.99%
F (Fail)                               0                               <40%
For Nursing Courses and all other courses – Pass is at C Grade (5 grade point) 50% and above
For English and electives – Pass is at P Grade (4 grade point) 40% and above
Computation of Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)
SPGA is the weighted average of the grade points obtained in all courses by the student during the semester
(All courses excluding English and electives)

7. Internal assessment:

There shall be an internal assessment for each subject as shown in the scheme of examination of the INC.

The marks of the internal assessment should be ready at least 6 weeks before the university examination.

Every candidate has to obtain pass marks in internal assessment separately in theory & practical, otherwise the student should not be sent to University examination.

The average internal marks of the total students should not be more than 75% i.e. if 60 students are admitted in a course the average score of the 60 students shall not exceed 75% of total internal marks.

8. Standard of Passing:

In order to pass, a candidate will have to obtain at least 50% marks in major subjects separately in theoretical and practical examination whereas to pass in any subsidiary subject a candidate must obtain at least 40% of marks in that subject.

A candidate has to pass in internal and external examination separately in each of the paper.

9. Classification of results: It will be according to the INC rules, are as follows

Declaration of Pass
First Class with Distinction – CGPA of 7.5 and above
First Class – CGPA of 6.00-7.49
Second Class – CGPA of 5.00-5.99

• For declaring the rank aggregate of 4 years marks to be considered]

10. Award of Degree:

After passing in all the parts of the examination, a candidate will be awarded B.Sc in Nursing degree under the seal of the University and signed by the Vice Chancellor.

11. Publication of Results:

The University will publish list of successful candidates within approximately two months of the completion of the examination provided that all examiners submit the results in proper time.

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