2-year M. Sc. in Statistics

With the increasing demand of post graduate degree in Statistics we have started a new academic programme, namely 2-year M. Sc. in Statistics from the academic year 2016-17. The programme provides a broad and flexible course in Statistical Science. Students taking this course will already have a bachelor’s degree in Statistics or in Mathematics. This is a two-year programme of study totalling 100 credits in four semesters.

Graduates with Master's degrees in Statistics have increasing demand on the job market in both public sectors as well as private sectors ranging from energy to finance, research, teaching and information technology. Especially in the public sector, there is a lack of qualified statisticians.

Our practically-oriented course gives you the skills employers are looking for - not just in terms of statistical knowledge, but technical skills which will be useful whatever field you decide to work in.

Syllabus: To download the syllabus of 2 year M. Sc. in Statistics click here.

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