5-year Integrated B. Sc. - M. Sc. in Statistics & Informatics

Statistics provides quantitative methods for analyzing data, making rational decisions under uncertainty, designing experiments, and modeling randomness and variability in the world. The role of statistics in fields such as anthropology, biology, business, computer science, economics, education, engineering, environmental sciences, epidemiology, finance, government, history, law, linguistics, medicine, physics, psychology, sociology etc. are increasing over time. A basic goal of the Statistics is to help students acquire the conceptual, computational, and mathematical tools for quantifying uncertainty and making sense of complex data arising from many applications.  Increasing demand of statistics of various fields of studies motivates to learn about Statistics.

The data science track explores the interface of statistics and computer science. Courses offererd in this academic programme involve a mixture of these fields, with applications to areas such as prediction, recommendation systems, and analysis of massive data sets.

In the 5-year integrated B.Sc.-M.Sc. in Statistics & Informatics programme we aim to give our students a deep learning about the subject Statistics as well as various computer programming related courses which are essential  for using statistical tools and techniques.

Subject Combination:


Honours / Core course


B. Sc. (upto VI Semesters)

Statistics (Total 80 Credits / 1000 Marks)

Mathematics & Physics (Total 24 Credits (300 marks) for each subjects)

M. Sc. (VII-X Semesters)

Statistics (Total 96 credits)


Syllabus: To download the syllabus of 5 Integrated B. Sc. - M. Sc. in Statistics & Informatics click here.


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