Student Corner

"Before taking admission in Allah University I didn't have any deeper knowledge about this subject, but when I came under the guidance of our faculties. It grew interest in me about this subject and I want to learn this subject more, and in future under the guidance of this faculties I want to do PhD in this subject.I would like to thank all our faculties for their friendly and supportive  behaviour" Jannatul Firdous (16/05/18)


"Microbiology is one of the most attractive, most useful and extensive department. I just wanted to thank our most energetic and supportive faculties. I feel very satisfied with studies at Aliah University. I consider myself very lucky to take admission at Aliah university" Serina Mondal (18/05/18)


"I am pursuing Zoology honours right now. At first, I had very poor idea about my subject. Now with the help of our faculties, my interest has increased a lot & I really love my subject. Though there are some problems in our department but I am hopeful that by overcoming them, our department will emerge as the best department within our university and at national level as well" Zakia Sultana (20/05/18) 


"After my board's exam I had a propensity to build my career in Microbiology and Aliah University gave me this opportunity. There were many problems in the newly blossoming department at the beginning like lack of proper faculties, proper classrooms, labs etc. but at present our new faculties help us to overcome those problems by interacting with us. We are happy that they are nowadays encouraging us in various extracurricular activities as well rather than making us only a bookworm. Our newly developing labs and advancement of our study gives us the ambition to see our department as one of the best department of our country which can be surely possible with our extraordinary faculties" SK. Saif Rahaman (22/05/18)

"In a developing country like India, the scope for Microbiology is blooming as it covers vast areas in Living Systems, Chemical Industries and Technology altogether. I find myself forunate to study this subject in Aliah University, where our Department's Faculty Members provide us with both exposure and knowledge relating to the stream" Iffat Azam (22/05/18)





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