From the session 2021-22, CBCS has been implemented at the PG level. The approved syllabus is provided below

MSc Botany Syllabus in CBCS Mode

MSc Zoology Syllabus in CBCS Mode

MSc Microbiology Syllabus in CBCS Mode

MSc Dissertation Guidelines in CBCS Mode


Integrated BSc MSc in Biological Sciences (with Hons in Botany, Zoology and Microbiology) with lateral entry at MSc level. Following specilaizations are being offered

M Sc Botany (Plant Biochemistry and Metabolism)

M Sc Zoology (Molecular Biology and Genetics)

M Sc Microbiology (Microbial Biotechnology)

M Sc Syllabus (Botany/Zoology/Microbiology)

Evaluation Guidelines for M Sc

MSc Dissertation Guidelines

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