Department of  CHEMISTRY

Dr Nasima Yasmin Assistant Professor / CHEMISTRY

Email :

Address : Department of Chemistry, Aliah University, IIA/27 Newtown, Kolkata - 700156, India

Phone : +9133-23416506

Room No : Faculty Room, 3rd Floor, Left Block

Joined : October, 2012

Ph.D. Thesis Guidance

1. Sk Safikul Islam (Reg. No.- CHM141604) 



Ph.D : Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Research Advisor: Prof. Jayanya K. Ray

M. Sc : University of Calcutta, India

B. ScUniversity of Calcutta, India

Teaching Experience

Department of Chemistry, Aliah University

Since March 2010 till date

Field of Specialization

Organic Chemistry

Research Area

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Journal Papers Published

  1. Green Synthesized AgNPs Embedded in COF: An Efficient Catalyst for the Synthesis of 2‐Oxazolidinones and α‐Alkylidene Cyclic Carbonates via CO2 Fixation”; Sk Safikul Islam, Surajit Biswas, Rostam Ali Molla, Nasima Yasmin,* Sk Manirul Islam,* ChemNanoMat, 2020, 6, 1386-1397.
  2. “POP-Pd(II) catalyzed easy and safe in-situ carbonylation towards the synthesis of α-ketoamides from secondary cyclic amines utilizing CHCl3 as the carbon monoxide surrogate”; Sk Safikul Islam, Sk Riyajuddin, Rostam Ali Molla, Nasima Yasmin,*  Kaushik Ghosh and S. M. Islam, New Journal of Chemisty, 2020,44, 1979-1987.
  3.  “Zinc (II) incorporated porous organic polymeric material (POPs): A mild and efficient catalyst for synthesis of dicoumarols and carboxylative cyclization of propargyl alcohols and CO2 in ambient conditions”; Sk Safikul Islam, Noor Salam, Rostam Ali Molla Sk Riyajuddin, Nasima Yasmin,* Debasis Das, Kaushik Ghosh, Sk Manirul Islam,*Journal of Molecular Catalysis. A: Chemical, 2019, 477, 110541.
  4.  “Polymer supported Triazine based Palladium complex catalyzed double carbonylation reaction of Halo aryl compounds for the synthesis of α-ketoamides”; Sk Safikul Islam, Rostam Ali Molla, Sabyasachi Ta, Nasima Yasmin*, Debasis Das, Sk. Manirul Islam*, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 2019, 882,18-25.
  5. “Mesoporous Zirconium Oxophosphate: An Efficient Catalyst for the Synthesis of Cyclic Acetals and Cyclic Carbonates under Solvent-Free Conditions”; Sk. Safikul Islam, Piyali Bhanja, Kajari Ghosh, Rostam Ali Molla, Nasima Yasmin,* Debasis Das,*and Sk. Manirul Islam*, Chemistryselect, 2017, 2, 10595 –10602.


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