Department of  CHEMISTRY


Serial No. Title Description Year

Name of the Faculty

Title of the project with duration

Funding Agency

Amount of funds (lakhs)

National / International

Dr. Md. Akhtarul Alam

Design and Syntheses of Host for Trapping carcinogenic ions and molecular guest.3 Years project

DST (Gov. of West Bengal)

Rs.12.5 lakh


Dr. Md. Maidul Islam 

Bioactivity of food additiveRhodamine B and its derivative: Antimicrobial and DNA binding Activity. 3 Years project

DST (Gov. of West Bengal)

Rs.9.73 lakh


 Md. Hedayetullah Mir  

Photoresponsive Flexible Porous Coordination Polymer toward Construction of On-demand Guest-Molecular Trapping or Storage Systems. 3 Years project

Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Govt. of India

24.96  lakh


 Dr. Safiul Alam

 Transition metal catalyzed coupling-cyclization cascade reactions toward the synthesis of fused heterocyclic compounds.

3 Years project

Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB), DST, New Delhi, Govt. of India.

Rs. 23.86 Lakh 



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