Department of  PHYSICS


Prof. Mehedi Kalam

Subject : Electrodynamics - II, Code- PH402

EM Radiation-Accelerator and Angular Distribution of Radiation- Download

Subject : General Relativity and Astrophysics, Code- PH506

Deflection-of-Light- Download
Photon-Orbit- Download
Precession-of-the-Perihelion- Download


Subject: Nuclear & Particle Physics: PH306 & PH-504

Supplementary Lecture Notes: PH306 & PH504  -Download

Nuclear Physics Tutorial (PH306)- Download

Nuclear Physics Tutorial (PH504)-Download


Subject: Solid Sate Physics; Code: PH404  Download

Subject: Material Physics; Code: PH504 Download

Subject: Waves & Acoustics and Optics; Code: PHYCC04 Diffraction-Download ; Acoustics- Download


Subject: Semiconductor Physics & Device, Code: PH-408

Subject: Material Physics–I, Code: PH-502

  • PH-502 Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Download
  • PH-502 Overview of surface coating techniques Download
  • PH-502 Thin film deposition Process Download

Dr. Md. Mabud Hossain 

PH-308: Modern Optics

1. Fiber Optics  Download

2. Holography Download

3. Lasers (remaining part) Download

PH-406: Statistical Mechanics-II

1. L1- Quant. Stat. Mech. (Q.S.M.): General Theory of Density Operator/ Density Matrix  Download

2. L2- Quantum Mechanical Ensemble Theory: Liouville's Theorem  Download

3. L3- Q.S.M.: Density Matrices for Microcanonical, Canonical and Grandcanonical Ensembles Download

4. Ideal Fermi Gas (Dr. S Niyogi): Download

5. Ideal Bose Gas (Dr. S Niyogi): Download

6. Problems on Canonical and Grandcanonical Ensembles (C.S.M.): Download

Dr. Muklesur Rahman 

Subject Code: PHYUGCC03

1. LECTURE-1 (Biot-Savart Law, Motion under Lorentz force )

2. LECTURE-2 (Application of Biot-Savart Law)


Subject Code: PH 308

1. LECTURE-1 (Fresnel's equation using EM theory )

2. LECTURE-2 (Frequency Dispersion in Materials )


Dr. A. K. M. Maidul Islam

Subject Code-PH-302

PH-302-OL-1 (download)


Dr. Jayanta Kr Saha 

PH-304: Special Theory of Relativity Download

PH-410: L1: Quantum Theory of Scattering Download

              L2: Variational Method Download

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